YouTube Announces Exciting Updates For Creators Including Channel Guidelines, Search Insights And More

YouTube has announced an array of exciting new updates that will be available to a majority of the platform’s creators very soon.

The company delineated how the changes being rolled out were based upon the feedback it received in the recent past, adding how it hoped it would benefit both content creators and viewers at that same time.

Channel Guidelines

YouTube will now allow its creators to establish specific guidelines for their channels. The unique strategy is aimed at forwarding certain expectations and norms for the community

This includes specific rules that outline the types of conversations that creators want their users to abide by on their channel. Moreover, all users must not only read but also acknowledge the guidelines mentioned, before they can leave a comment or chat.

The feature will be available for global users soon and in case you're a creator and still don’t have access yet, well, there’s nothing to worry about as the platform is still working on the feature and hopes to expand throughout the year.

Meanwhile, creators who have been given access can make the most of the feature through the YouTube Studio, clicking on the Settings option, and then going to Community.

Search Insights and Research Tab

YouTube is excited to launch its search Insights and research tab, where the goal is to enhance content planning while guiding creators to make relevant content by giving them access to what the audience is in search of. This update will soon be making its way to all creators by the end of this month.

YouTube has specified how the update is solely restricted to search terms in English only and is limited to regions such as the UK, US, India, Canada, and Australia. However, users can soon expect to see the rollout expanding to other regions and languages in the near future. To get a hold of the Research Tab, users will need to use YouTube Studio and click Analytics.

Subtitle Editor

A new improvement in the platform’s caption features would soon be rolling out in the form of a Subtitle Editor. Within the YouTube Studio, the new update will give creators the ability to assign a role to any person they trust in terms of gaining access to their channel.

The company acknowledges how the anticipated feature has taken a long time for its release than expected and it has to do with the mere fact that they wanted it to be perfect for creators’ and viewers' benefit.

YouTube reiterated how much it relies on users’ continuous feedback and suggestions that it receives on a regular basis. The company also encouraged more new creators and viewers to leave their suggestions for improvements in the future.

YouTube clarifies rumors surrounding previous updates

Before concluding, the company also spoke about its eligibility update that was announced two weeks ago. That is when the platform revealed how it planned to expand eligibility for channels having as many as 500 subscribers or those with zero. YouTube clarified how it is still in the process of launching the update, which it predicts will be out by mid-April and that’s why users should keep a lookout for more news regarding its launch.

Similarly, YouTube shared feedback on its much talked about Video Sorting feature where users could benefit from filtering options and the sorting of videos in the channel from oldest in the video tab. After receiving bucketloads of suggestions, the company says it’s passing on all the comments to its respective team in charge of the update with greater hopes to work on the feature in a manner that best satisfies YouTube users’ preferences.

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