LinkedIn has introduced new features for its creators to help them analyze their posts for better reach

The employment-oriented online service, LinkedIn has introduced new features for its digital artists that include abilities like new tools for video profiles, a newsletter display case, a subscription bell, and much more.

Starting with content analytics; LinkedIn is working on its creative features, by introducing new abilities for its digital artists to assist them to generate new ideas.

The fresh-new features will provide a deeper view of the statistics about the ongoing performances of the digital post of the artist, helping content creators know what’s trending and what is not.

A handsome amount of data at all times is helpful, with these renovated features users can get great help in planning the content they want to post on the social media platform.

Meanwhile, LinkedIn is looking forward to introducing more features to assist digital artists to gather more viewers. Some improved features include some new features for the video profile and the ability to measure the views.

The Microsoft-owned platform now provides users with a guide about what to share on their video profile alongside measurement of the views.

Viewers will now see that the user’s profile which they are viewing has the video profile feature enabled on their page, where they will be able to learn more about the user and their experience, thanks to the new 'ring sign' that will now appear in the feed.

The employment-oriented company has now added a bell feature which would help the content creator’s subscribers to get updates if the creator has posted something new.

The display case of the different newsletters which was introduced last year now has new options, which will give the digital artists a chance to attract more viewers with the help of a few new features to it.

The competition for great creative talents is now on the top of the list as the primary priority for every main social platform; including the ones that don't appear to be competitors due to their more different focused domains.

As for the digital artists that are present on LinkedIn, they are prone to sharing ideas that promote professionalism and a business mindset.

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