Trends Redefining Graphic Design: A Look Into The Most Popular Ones In 2022

The right color, shape and font can drive a content-hungry audience right to your doorstep. In our ever so busy lives, scrolling mindlessly through social media, how does one ensure that the right people stop by and have a look at what we have to offer as an individual and as a business.

Lucky for you, the team at Depositphotos compiled the key trends in Graphic design taking over social media like fire!

It's no surprise that being restricted to our homes due to the pandemic has led us to feel just a tad bit nostalgic. An increase of 63% in 70s retro being used all over social platforms is evidence enough. The key elements being vintage frames and an array of neon colors allow for an exciting combination of designs. The trend focuses on experimenting with 70s elements with futuristic ones to produce eye-catching patterns.

The right font is just as significant as the message being delivered. Big lettering and atypical fonts are the go-to choices for many designers this year. They not only deliver the message but bring meaning into the words. Vibrant fonts can be a powerful way to leave a long-lasting impression on your audience.

For a long period of time, graphic designers remained restricted to the three colors as their background choices. The trend this year breaks free from the boundaries and leaks into each other, stirring up a gradient of colors. The use of unexpected color combos and gradients went up by 50% in 2022. With designers using up to 5 colors in their background, they are now just as visual as what is on them! These combinations are present everywhere, from posters to packaging. There is not a place where you will not see them.

How many times did you scroll past a picture that was moving? The answer is rarely, and that is why stills are no longer the norm. Born from motion design, Kinetic typography proved its significance in graphic design by becoming the new trend. Motion text and a fluid design make for eye-catching visuals and grab your audience's attention right away.

Break free from the rule of coloring in the lines. Asymmetrical designs use went up a shocking 325%. Time to give yourself a makeover and reject the traditional norms of graphic design. Chaotic layout, handwriting and asymmetry allow for a better self-expression. Don't just deliver the message but deliver your expression

Over the past few years, being stuck in homes and glued to our screens due to the pandemic has only made us appreciate the paper medium. Paper textures and grainy

looks were the key components of many brands' makeovers. Risograph inspired backgrounds will continue to make appearances throughout 2022.

Pink is always the go-to choice for barbies. It turns out it was also the first choice for many graphic designers, given that the use of pastel pink went up by 205%. Metallics, checkerboard patterns and bubble pink, along with the features of the early 2000s, produce a calm yet cheerful look.

Graphic designers, for a long time, have been localized to traditional practices. 2022 is all about accepting yourself and breaking free from the convention.
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