WhatsApp Reportedly Developing A New Feature Allowing Users To Share Their Profiles Via Links

Whatsapp is the go to mode of communication for millions of people around the globe. From personal chatter to business deals, the app is fast, reliable and free messaging is a medium of our day to day lives. The app's massive user base asks for constant updates. It is no surprise that the news spreads like wildfire whenever there is the slightest bit of information about a new feature.

Recently, the platform has been reported to be undergoing new developments in its interface. This feature, for now, is specifically for business users. They now have the ability to share a short link with their customer directly via the app without having to go through any hassle. This particular feature, for now, is a beta version and only available on the Android platform; however, many suspect that it will soon be available on iOS platforms too. This update, for now, is only released as Beta, and it may be a while before it shows up as an official update in the app's interface. If you are eager to try it, you can always sign up for Whatsapp's Beta version!

Why is this change in the interface of importance? Previously the app allowed both business and personal users to share their profiles through QR codes. However, the other person must scan the QR code via their device's camera, which can be troublesome considering that many users only have one device in their possession. The link feature is particularly helpful in overcoming this problem. It is just a click away from letting the recipient from accessing your business and personal profiles.

Unfortunately, do not get your hopes high. As a recent report by WABetainfo, the Beta version of Whatsapp carries this update. The pictures were made public by the same website. Still, these features and images are not shared officially by the platform itself!

At a closer inspection of the screenshots shared by the website, one can notice the subtle but significant changes made by the platform reportedly. The existing QR button that is present next to the user's account name will be replaced with a new and modified share icon. Tapping on this opens up a new window and allows the user an option to copy a unique short link to their profile.

Looking into the link's unique arrangement, one can quickly notice that it starts with Whatsapp's short URL that is wa.me. It also includes the phone number of the user. How does this unique link help personal and business users? Once the recipient clicks on the link, it directly initiates a chat with the personal user or the business without having to save their credentials in your phonebook first!

The interface is not just limited to copying links, but it also gives users the ability to share the link to their profiles.

For now, this feature is reportedly only being introduced for the business user. Regular users may not be given the ability to use this feature.

The exact details remain hidden from the general public and are yet to be announced by the platform. These updates are yet to be rolled out for beta testers.

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