Alert Issued As Scammers Are Contacting Users Disguised As WhatsApp Support

Just recently we became aware of scammers that were on a mission to get money from WhatsApp users. But wait, there might be another major problem on the rise!

A new alert is talking about fake WhatsApp accounts that are now going as far as contacting users as members of WhatsApp’s support team.

The new danger has recently been on the rise and many are asking what they can or should do in such a serious situation. Similarly, how can you prevent being a vulnerable target?

Well, it’s so important to understand that receiving messages from people you don’t know is clearly suspicious activity. And if the profile or context seems fishy, trust your gut because chances are that it’s a scam.

One user who goes by the name 'shimon128' (via WABINFO) says he received a weird text message from another account on WhatsApp, where the user acted like they were from the WhatsApp team.

Disguising themselves as Support from the popular platform, Shimon says he knew something wasn’t right and he immediately blocked the chat and reported the account. He later found out that the account was not only fake, it wished to steal information.

WBI has outlined how fake profiles try to verify their authenticity by using verified badge on their profile displays. But how can you really identify if you’re talking with a WhatsApp verified account or not?

Well, it’s actually not too difficult, once you turn an observant eye on the matter.

Authentic WhatsApp support accounts have badges put next to their contact name that can easily be detected on the screen of the conversation as well as the chat info. Now, if that same verified badge is found somewhere else, like the profile picture, the contact is lying and pretending that they’re someone else.

These fake accounts only want one thing from you, and that is to trick you into believing that they’re support members to steal private details. Common information stolen includes details about your credit card.

They claim that without this information, your account will be terminated. And in case that doesn’t work out, they even ask in detail about the 6-digit long code to enter into your WhatsApp profile.

Remember, WhatsApp won’t ever ask you to give such sensitive details about credit cards or PIN verification codes. Similarly, they never request anything related to money or the handling of sensitive information with the end consequence being account termination.

Clearly, these are malicious scams and it’s sad to see how so many people are becoming vulnerable targets.

Once you do get such a text, block the chat and report to WhatsApp who will take immediate action. The final 5 messages of the text get shared with the moderator's team to understand the nature of the chat and allow for immediate account suspension.

Remember, fake profiles could not only impersonate themselves as WhatsApp but also as your loved ones or close friends. Hence, the goal is to stay alert of any unknown contacts.

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