The United Nations Reports Catastrophe In The Near Future If Climate Change Isn’t Curbed In The Next Three Years

A report from the United Nations states that if decisive action isn’t undertaken by the world’s nations within the next three years, then climate change catastrophes are all but chiseled into our future.

I understand that this article looks a tad bit out of place on a tech journal of all places, but let’s get two facts straight. First of all, as daunting as it may be, climate change is a very grim reality that all facets of life are threatened by. There are no bystanders in this debate; it’s everyone’s turn to either play ball or, well, lose. Second is the fact that many of the factors contributing to climate change can be directly linked to factories and oil rigs which are entirely run by the one percent and mega corporations. As much as we like our tech products and gizmos, the companies making these products directly contribute to climate change and the gradual demise of our world (or the one we know, anyway).

At any rate, let’s take a quick look at the UN report and what it entails. First author Dr. Sarah Burch, who herself is a noted environmental activist, has gone on public record to state that the 2025 goals prescribed to different governments are already looking very unachievable. In her professional opinion, maintaining rising temperatures at a steady 1.5 degrees’ Celsius per year is very unlikely given both the current sociopolitical climate and the general indifference said governments seem to have towards climate change. The 1.5 degrees’ Celsius goal, addressed at a recent UN convention setting up a climate change trajectory towards 2030, was already the bare minimum that the world could have mustered together. Dr. Burch states that even with such temperatures being maintained across the next few decades, we would lose many coral reefs and some lower lying human habitats to the effects of climate change.

It’s easier to think about climate change through the removed lens of endangered polar bears and penguins. No one cares about the Arctic melting into nothingness, since that doesn’t concern everyday life. With headlines warning us of impending war, inflation, rising taxation, and COVID resurgences, it’s difficult to stay paranoid about a concept that seems so intangible. However, not paying attention to climate change is actively setting ourselves up for failure. We will live to see the effects of our own actions. And future generations will live to suffer them regardless of their own hand in the matter. Late stage capitalism focused companies, governments, and similar monoliths are entirely to blame for our current condition. Perhaps we won’t notice until it’s too late.

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