Twitter’s revenue has increased from the past month but will it be enough?

When the first wave of corona hit back in 2019 everyone was confined to their homes in quarantine, so in order to kill their boredom people, turned to social media and streaming apps. With that much traffic coming from all kinds of devices, especially phones, some apps started to make a lot of money by focusing on the revenue they created from mobile phones. Even though it was many steps ahead of most apps, this was where Twitter lacked. Once the realization hit they started to divert their attention towards mobile revenue in the last year.

Moving back to the present, Twitter has completed the first quarter since its realization and looking over the results of that time period, we are faced with good news that Twitter’s estimated net worth has risen which means that its focus has paid off.

In September 2021 Twitter’s estimated net value in the US was less than 50K in October not much growth was seen as it remained the same. But in November, the numbers rose unexpectedly to over 10K and in December we saw a 52% growth which led the numbers to over 150K. While January merited a 24% growth, February was a disappointment as there was only a 3% growth leading to the numbers staying at a little bit over 200K. But March has brought good news as there was a 16% growth in the numbers, and they rose to 250K.

After hearing about this report all of us have the same question “Is this much growth enough for this to become a regular and a serious thing?” Well the answer is both yes and no. How? Let me explain.

While talking about yes the reasons we give are that even though the users are not used to paying for tweeting they will soon become used to it. Secondly it will take time for both the users to get used to paying up and it’ll take time for Twitter to develop as an app with monetization kept in line. If the app puts enough time and work from its side then this could become a full time revenue source.

Looking at the negative side of the situation gives a very different response because this revenue does not belong to Twitter at all but belongs to the monetized creators who spend their time on the app. There is a huge competition between major apps for creators and most of them already have the resources to get rich off the creators while Twitter lacks in that department. So while Twitter is busy enlarging their creator’s lists they are losing the creators who have the potential.

H/T: Appfigures.

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