WhatsApp Brings New Features To Make Way For Its Communities Tab

WhatsApp users can always count on the platform to bring exciting updates and additions. The giant platform has accumulated a massive following since its inception, and it only keeps growing. It started off as a simple texting platform that is free of cost and only requires an internet connection. However, WhatsApp has come a long way and is now open to personal and business users, offering an array of options to cater to all users. The platform recently announced a new set of exciting updates to make its user interface more friendly!

Emojis are a great way to communicate your feelings without having to type them out. WhatsApp is introducing new and improved emojis in its already huge collection. Perhaps the most interesting part about it is the ability to react to other people's messages. You simply tap on the text for a few seconds, and a popup window will appear showcasing your emoji library. You merely choose an emoji, and it will show as a little icon on the text message. You can react to your friend's stupid jokes by simply reacting and not having to type in a whole new text! The update, for now, is reported to be under development for desktop devices too. As always, it will be rolled out to beta testers first to test its functionality and eliminate any inconsistencies. This will mark WhatsApp's version!

Reacting to messages is not the only feature WhatsApp is working on; the team behind the giant platform is already on the go to add more handy features. This update comes in collaboration with Google Play Beta Program. This version will bring up the platform to, but what does this new update bring to the table? Reportedly, WhatsApp is working on improving your texting experience within the app. The newly released caption view will allow you to add more receipts when sharing media on the app. The feature is already being rolled out to beta testers. It will not be long before it is available to everyone on compatible devices. How does this help a user? Prior to this update, a user would have to send the same media file to each of the receipts individually or use the built-in camera option. However, this lengthy step could be a hassle if you are in a hurry. The new update allows you to do so in the chat. Once you are about to send the media file, the app will show a tab below it to choose more receipts. You can select multiple and share the media file simultaneously with everyone! The platform is also making it easier for you to select a specific audience for your status updates.

One does ask the question, why is WhatsApp introducing these minor updates? The platform is gearing up for the communities tab in a future update. It is redirecting its users toward new features as it is reported that the camera tab will be removed soon! So far, these features are only available to beta testers, and you can become one too by going through a simple registration process, or you can wait like many until these features are debugged and are rolled out to the broader audience!

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