Google Tests New Search Feature Called ‘What People Are Saying’ And It’s Very Unique

Google has reportedly begun the testing phase for a new search feature called ‘What People Are Saying’ and it’s unique, to say the least.

The tech giant’s main objective with the new rollout is related to displaying search results that are mainly related to topic-based discussion forums that are featured online.

A recent screenshot was shared on Twitter by a user named Aleks (H/T: @rustybrick) who claims to have seen it when he saw the Google Search for the question pertaining to, ‘Most common baby names for the year 2022’. Since it couldn’t be replicated, he says the feature is a test that Google seems to be experimenting with.

While the tech giant is known to have launched something similar in the past, probably around 2016, this one is definitely a little different. To be more specific, that was related to product reviews. Hence, that happened to be more related to the realm of shopping.

At the moment, there is great intrigue and mystery surrounding the new feature as many users have even begun discussing it on Twitter’s forum. And that’s where many hoped Google wouldn’t take the stuff being mentioned there too seriously.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and watch for more announcements on the matter.

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