LinkedIn Labelled Amazon As Top US Company Of 2022, Even The Company Continues To Contribute To Socioeconomic Inequality

LinkedIn published its list of the top US companies across the platform in 2022, and Amazon has taken the first place yet again.

Of course, Amazon taking the number one spot on almost any list always feels like a bitter pill to swallow. Sentiments against the company and its founder/executive chairman/former CEO Jeff Bezos are generally becoming more and more hostile by the year. Naturally, any successful company or initiative invites conflict and disdain of some sort; however, to say that this aura of ill intent against the man and the monolith is unearned would be incredibly ignorant. In a post-COVID world where financial insecurity is running rampant and people are coming to terms with the massive gap between the one percent and the working class, Jeff Bezos represents almost everything wrong with the world. He is a man who started a company off of his rich daddy, then expanded it into a late stage capitalistic nightmare that is only as successful as it is today off of sheer exploitation of its own workforce. The average Amazon worker may earn a notch or two above minimum wage, but they do so with brutal working hours and a hostile work environment in tow. Remember that story about Amazon workers having to pee in bottles because of the company being hostile against bathroom breaks? Or maybe the relatively recent Business Insider article which revealed executives worrying about burning through employees at an alarming rate.

These horrific stories have an extra shade of sour depth to them when one considers Jeff Bezos’ net worth. The man’s worth a staggering USD $189.2 billion; and no, I did not miss a decimal there. I can already hear dissenters raising their “um, actually”s, so allow me to clarify: yes, I understand that Jeff Bezos doesn’t have all of this in cash. This is a cumulative amount of all of his assets, liquid or otherwise. Even with that in mind, can you imagine any humane individual living in a world that’s half starving while owning more wealth than literally billions of people put together won’t be able to muster up? Imagine USD $189.2 billion the next time you hear about employees not getting basic human rights.

Amazon workers have banded together and formed the first ever union that the company’s ever seen. Honestly, more power to them; someone’s got to put a stop to Jeff Bezos. So yes, while LinkedIn may consider Amazon the top US company of 2022 based on net worth, both the company and its leading individuals need to go.

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