Snapchat Promotes Cultural Expression With Its New Digital Art Series Launch

Snapchat is diving down deep into the world of artistic expression by recently rolling out its new digital art series.

The app has reportedly collaborated with LACMA AKA the Los Angeles County of Museum Art to bring an exciting venture for its art enthusiastic users.

Snapchat says it is paying tribute to the city’s long array of historic landscapes as well as talented artists with whom the company has partnered up. The end result is diverse design lenses that give viewers a whole new outlook on art using the app’s AR-enhanced technology.

Art lovers can now say hello to three stellar installations located around the city by glancing through the innovative Snap Camera.

These particular artworks can be viewed via the Snap Camera and entail some of the most exciting installations that have been intricately created by famed artists like Kang Seung Lee, Judy Baca, and Kang Seung Lee.

Not only will users be able to glance at the pieces through up-close examinations that are currently frozen at the physical locations they can even immerse themselves in the travel experience by scanning Snapcodes that virtually transform them to reach the actual destination.

This new and exciting launch is being dubbed Snapchat’s fabulous effort to make art and cultural experiences more accessible via digital mediums.

Meanwhile, other reports have gone on to show how the platform is working with a number of other famed artists like KAWS and Jeffrey Koons to bring forward art installations very similar to those already on offer.

The company hopes its efforts could potentially encourage users to engage further through the topic of art via a brand new process. This includes helping designers come forward and try the app’s long list of innovative tools that are excellent when it comes to allowing users to connect with them through different projects.

Similarly, experts believe the initiative would end up giving an array of creative inspiration within the app, adding all the more reason to use Snapchat more to experience the exciting endeavor.

As more and more artists and creative designers become involved, many predict the project could expand into an entire digital art movement as experimentations increase using the AR approach.

Now, it seems like most of us will not be missing out on the dynamic approach of witnessing art displays like never before through apps like these. And let’s not forget with the upcoming Metaverse shift, this approach seems to be more user-friendly as there are greater chances for human interactions.

For now Snap is leading the way for greater connections in the virtual world and we hope a fun trip through an art gallery via VR headsets isn’t too far away.

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