Twitter is testing new features to keep its users entertained

To keep their consumers entertained, social media platforms must focus on developing new features. Facebook and Twitter, for example, are constantly developing new strategies to attract more visitors to their platforms.

Twitter is planning on releasing exciting features from the start of 2022, the micro-blogging platform is developing new features that will be some sort of resemblance to Facebook's feeling/activity option.

According to Alessandro Paluzzi, the tipster who provides interesting upcoming information related to the platform on Twitter itself, Twitter is planning to name the feature as ‘vibe test’, through which users will be able to share and express their daily life thoughts on the social network.

Twitter is also working on another upcoming feature according to Paluzzi, which is the friend of friends networks option available on the top article page. This will allow users to see articles shared by the friends of the contacts users have in their friends' lists.

Twitter continues to plan on keep releasing new interesting features in 2022 to compete in the race of social media networks.

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