Twitter’s co-founder Jack Dorsey feels guilty about the Vine app's knockout

Twitter’s former Chief Executive Jack Dorsey feels the shutting of the Vine service was Twitter’s biggest mistake.

Back in 2012, Twitter purchased the Vine app before it was officially released. It’s a stand-alone short video app that allows content makers to upload looping videos for a few seconds. The Vine app was running successfully on iOS and android devices in 2013 when it was officially released and in a couple of months, Vine became a very popular short-video app with over two hundred million users.

Then after four years, Twitter suddenly announced that they won’t be supporting Vine videos anymore. The news was devoid of any justifications about what led to the immediate verdict. However, the possible reason could be that other social media rivals such as Snapchat and Facebook offered user-friendly services far better than Vine that caused Vine content makers to shift from the app to other extended video applications. For the app, it became difficult to stand in the market and marketers prefer to switch from the platform. This became the major reason for Twitter to back out from Vine. Also, it was noted that users with a bulk of followers had stopped uploading the content, deactivated their accounts, and shifted to Snapchat or Instagram.

Furthermore, Vine app developers were not in favor of promoting the app to generate revenue. The developers were entirely against generating money and this has led Twitter to discontinue the app. Later on, it was announced that the Vine mobile app will not be completely shut down. Users can still enjoy and download the videos. Next year, the Vine app was modified to ‘Vine Camera’ and it allowed consumers to post videos comprising six seconds on Twitter. But, the feedback wasn’t really good. So, Twitter rolled out a mechanism for an app archive of all mini Vine videos, allowing viewers to enjoy all previous content. But, in the end, this was also eliminated by Twitter in 2019. As a result, in a similar year, the Vine app completely vanished and Vine began to lose its leading motivators, like Shawn Mendes, Danny Gonzalez, Jake, etc as they all shifted to other video sharing platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

Now, the reviews from Generation Z internet users suggest that they’re missing the Vine videos when they compare it with another app, TikTok. TikTok is also a popular video-sharing app with millions of daily active users and is now the epicenter of the latest trends. So, the users find similarities between these apps as the Discover feature on TikTok is devoted to ‘radiates Vine energy’ and this led the users to point out the fact that Vine could also be serving the same purpose. Considering all the reviews and feedback, Twitter’s co-founder Jack Dorsey is regretting Vine's discontinuation from Twitter.

Photo: Mark Warner / Flickr

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