iPhone’s 3rd generation SE model is not selling at a high pace, according to firm Wave7 report

As per PCMag, iPhone 3 SE is not appealing to users to buy at high rates, and its sales have vigorously disappointed Apple. A survey was conducted among the United States store sellers and it was revealed by Wave7 that the demand for new iPhone 3 SE sets is relatively less than the other iPhones. Around 56% of the sellers think that it's not eye-catching while 8% of the sellers believe that the sets are selling enough in the market.

Carrier spokesperson says most people are unaware of the launch of the iPhone’s new model. This led to the decreased sales of the iPhone this year. Surprisingly, Apple seems to be less interested in spreading the news of the launch of the iPhone 3 SE. This model comes almost two years after the second-gen iPhone SE and Apple has just only disclosed the news in its Peak Performance Spring Event. They haven’t used conventional media to advertise the new iPhone and have uploaded only one video on Apple’s official YouTube channel about the wonders of the iPhone SE 3. Because of that people might have not heard of this launch. In addition to less awareness, several other reasons cause reduced demand for new iPhone models among users. Deeply, if you look at the iPhone third-generation SE, the iPhone SE 3 looks like SE 2 in many aspects. For example, the Screen and camera setup, which is pretty similar to both the iPhones. That’s why people are intentionally not rushing toward the iPhone SE 3. Moreover, the iPhone SE 3 has a 4.7-inch mobile display which is indeed the shortest display sold by Apple till now and this is why buyers are not looking forward to this model.

Despite this, Apple is having a profit with prepaid carriers, for instance, Boost, Cricket, and Metro in the United States. Wave 7 notes that customers prefer to buy iPhone SE and iPhone 11 because iPhone does not allow a massive share of smartphones purchased from prepaid wireless firms, and customers choose Apple’s iPhones over some Android counterparts.

To wrap up, Apple’s 3rd gen SE model is not selling at a high pace and the customers' demand is very less. The company was not expecting this because they have significantly improved the battery life of the new model from the previous generations, and they also claimed up to fifteen hours video playback on the iPhone SE 3. Still, iPhone SE 3 sales are not appealing buyers to rush towards it.

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