Twitter Evaluates Elon Musk’s ‘$43 Billion’ Offer To Buy Entire Company

In case you may still not be aware, Tesla owner Elon Musk has offered a mighty deal to purchase the entire Twitter company.

The billionaire made a striking announcement yesterday that made headlines for all the right reasons. After all, many did soon anticipate that a complete takeover could potentially be in the lineup.

Today, Twitter’s CEO has revealed to employees how the board is currently in the process of evaluating the deal and that means no definite decision has been taken at the moment.

Musk offered a staggering $43 billion proposal for a complete takeover and also for making the platform private. But some reports did speak about how investors felt that it just wasn’t good enough or fell short of the company’s true value.

Twitter CEO began the much-anticipated question and answer session that lasted a good 25 minutes. And that is where he revealed that at the moment, there was no definite timeframe as to when the board would announce its decision.

Similarly, there was no definite indication of the direction towards which the board may be leaning, which frustrated plenty who hoped to get more out of the mega company’s CEO.

But Agrawal did declare that any decision taken would be in the company’s and its shareholders' best interest as they follow a rigorous protocol.

On the other hand, Elon Musk spoke in detail about his proposal at the recent TED conference being held in Vancouver. And that’s where he shed light upon how his intentions were not solely related to making money. Instead, they were more about promoting the ideology of free speech.

But after the CEO’s comments today, one thing is for sure. Twitter doesn’t seem too keen on bending toward Musk’s proposals and that’s why it’s thoroughly revealing the decision before going public.

Meanwhile, other reports went as far as suggesting how there could be attempts to prevent Musk from acquiring more shares of the company by implementing the poison pill. This is the name allotted for a strategy that prevents hostile attempts at taking over a company.

However, if you think Musk would back down without a fight, well, you’re clearly mistaken. The billionaire recently revealed how he certainly had a plan B in mind, which he only plans on disclosing if the board rejects his offer.

So many of Twitter’s employees are anxiously awaiting the outcome. But there are also those who feel this could be just the start of more attempts of taking over by Elon Musk in the near future.

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