TikTok’s New ‘Downvote’ Feature Will Help Users Identify Irrelevant Comments As The App Announces More Safety Tools

The famous downvote option isn’t something new to social media platforms as so many apps have been busy conducting years of tests.

But now, it appears TikTok is on the bandwagon of a potential downvote launch as the company recently revealed its plans to expand the testing of the feature.

In case you’re still wondering what that means, well, downvoting is an effective strategy that users can use to help identify all comments that they believe are inappropriate or potentially irrelevant.

Moreover, some TikTok users have already reported seeing (including Matt Navarra) the downvote feature, asking if they would like to outline any reply that they wouldn’t like to see.

TikTok mentioned in a newsroom post how the new community feedback-themed feature will be a great addition to their already long array of factors used to keep comment sections relevant while serving as a clean space for a great engagement.

Therefore, only those people that clicked on the dislike comment would be able to view it as a means to prevent any ill-feeling amongst community members or content creators.

With the feature up and running, users will see the thumbs down symbol located on the right side of their video replies. This will serve as a clear signal of disinterest in relation to the comment.

While the platform first began testing out the feature back in the year 2020, it has now revealed its decision to expand to a much larger audience.

At the moment, the app has not announced how it believes the new feature would affect the ranking of comments. Similarly, no details about whether or not the display of the comments would be changed.

However, tech experts believe the change would provide the platform with more feedback about what users are liking and what they’re not. And that means a refiner picture that prioritizes productive and relevant comments.

While many critics believe the downvote option won’t be similar to that seen on Reddit, only time can tell as it solely depends on what TikTok ends up doing with its insights.

On the other hand, TikTok recently shed light on how it was also busy testing another worthwhile feature. This includes a new reminder that guides creators to filter out their comments. In the same way, it also assists in blocking as well as deleting certain options.

TikTok mentioned in a blog post how the reminders would soon be visible to all those video creators whose content tends to receive a giant chunk of negative feedback from viewers.

In another development, as spotted by Jonah Manzano, TikTok will allow users to generate reports on the platform through video. And that gives them the freedom to incorporate greater context in reports, not to mention greater alignment with the platform’s general functioning.

The company will nevertheless continue to play a part in removing replies that violate their community rules, while creators can report the comments for review as before.

When exactly all these updates will start pulling through, well, no exact timeline was mentioned. Hence, you’ll probably need to keep a lookout in case you plan on making use of them soon.

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