TikTok Has A New Automatic Adjustment Feature For Volume On The Platform

TikTok has added a new automatic volume adjustment feature to its settings, which changes a device's volume down to safer levels.

This isn't exactly the most exciting feature on the block, and honestly shouldn't warrant all that much discussion time. However, I digress and have a job to do, so let's just roll with it. TikTok is a platform that's incredibly popular with individuals of almost, if not all, generations, old and young alike. Why wouldn't it be? The platform offers short, snappy content that's so richly diversified that literally anyone could find something of interest for themselves. It's also managed to find a very keen audience in the more younger netizens, specifically Gen Z and younger. Is there a generation younger than Gen Z right now? I honestly have no clue.

As with all young individuals, there come some risks of viewing entertainment. It's so easy to be exposed to harmful content nowadays, since not all entertainment scars the same way. It's easy to be exposed to toxic or hateful rhetoric, or to stumble upon a video or some middle aged white dude in his truck yelling about BLM, or to maybe start grappling with concepts about the world that parents don't want to introduce to their children until they're older. Then there's the physical risk that comes from this. Kids love blasting devices at full sound, with not a care in the world. Unintentional self-harm is sort of just how anyone between the ages of nil to 7 rolls.

This new safety valve feature allows for content to be viewed by children without them at least developing chronic tinnitus by the age of 5. Similar versions of such features even exist in Android and Apple devices, where videos and music are automatically capped at a certain level of volume. TikTok allowing users to do so isn't really some miraculous leap of technology, but I suppose every little bit helps, no?

H/T: Matt Navarra

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