TikTok Gears Up For Exciting Launch Of New Augmented Reality Tool Called ‘Effect House’

It’s not uncommon to see TikTok opening up new and intriguing possibilities for its users.

Next in line happens to be the much-anticipated launch of Effect House - a tool that makes the world of AR accessible to all.

While the beta testing for the tool began last year in Fall, it’s definitely on its way now for release, after a lot of anticipation from creators as well as developers.

Effect House paves the way for content creators to develop fascinating augmented reality camera effects. This will be at the disposal of other users who wish to use the feature in their own videos, providing benefits for all.

The decision was recently announced by TikTok via a public statement, where they mentioned how the innovative platform would be open for all, including designers, creators, as well as developers hailing from different parts of the world.

Similarly, the app mentioned how the new feature would entail an array of diverse learning resources and helpful tools.
@tiktok Now anyone can create vibrant effects for TikTok. Welcome to Effect House #effecthouse ♬ original sound - TikTok

The company elaborated on how the creative platform could be utilized in so many great ways. It even asked users to imagine transporting themselves into a new realm using Green Screen or the modern Time Wrap Scan.

All in all, the hype that was created sounded worthwhile and promising to plenty, especially those in search of ways to express themselves creatively using the best formats.

But remember, TikTok has boldly mentioned how the effects submitted will need to be in line with the company’s guidelines so they get certified for use. This includes prohibiting the use of a number of effects that aren’t in accordance with the tech firm’s beliefs.

Common examples include those that promote racism and negative stereotypes or those working against particular groups. Similarly, it also prohibited the promotion of cosmetic surgery procedures and others that criticized a person’s appearance.

As it is, TikTok’s video creators are already using Green Screen effects in their videos, while others highlight effects as trending in their content.

On average, the company shared statistics that proved how nearly 1.5 billion of its videos used different effects to generate close to 600 billion views around the world.

Critics claim TikTok appears to be parroting the moves made by different tech platforms like Snap or Instagram in the past. Both these apps introduced similar AR design tools years ago such as the popular blast from the past Beauty3000 filter by Instagram.

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