Google Docs Is Implementing New Suggestions Of Text, Being Marked By Purple underline For Better Writing

Google Docs on the web already offers a variety of writing tools for its users to improve and enhance their writings and recently it has come up with the inclusion of the Smart Compose, Grammar corrections, and Spelling autocorrects settings, now unfolding a new feature that assists with the tone, style, and word choice of the document, the “Purple underline”.

Following are the elaborative and writing suggestions on which Google Docs implements the purple underline feature:

• Words with similar meanings or alternates

• Sentences in which active voice is used

• To make the brief structure of the sentence

• To make the sentence sound more comprehensive

• To highlight the use of inappropriate words choice

This feature assists the writers in creating the most appropriate and reader-friendly documents for the audience. In addition, misspellings are marked by redworm-like lines while the blue underlines symbolize grammatical mistakes. If you select either underline with your cursor, you will be provided with suggestive changes to ignore, send feedback, or open settings to implement the changes.

This feedback only pop-up if you require any help guidelines to keep from repeating or inserting unnecessary words in the text, to transform your writing style to make sure your choice of words is the most suitable for the given situation.

The purpose of this latest feature is to take your writing style to the next level by making the document more effective, clear, comprehensive, and to the point. These correction purple underlines are enabled by default however can be turned off on the web in Tools > Stylistic suggestions.

Google Docs has decided to initiate the progressive launch of the correction purple underline feature from March 31st with the release of an official statement that it will reach all users in approximately 15 days and enabled parties will be able to be benefitted from the latest features.

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