Google Launches new update that is only available for iOS users as of yet

Google is a platform that is used by millions of people every day for multiple purposes like sourcing information, connecting with others, managing work files etc. Google was launched in 1998 and has been gaining users ever since.

As all apps need to have improvements and updates to keep the users interested and facilitated, so does Google. Google recently released an update where it added notifications in the phones and tablets running the iOS.

Earlier Google removed the feature where users were able to take screenshots using Google Assistant. The feature could be accessed by just saying ok Google in smartphones which have the assistant installed and just pressing the home button. The feature hasn’t been entirely removed yet but is still in the process of being removed.

Just after the removal of Google Assistant Screenshots, some iOS users have reported that they are now getting the notifications tab in between the two predominantly existing tabs: Collections (saved pages) and Tabs (pages which are open). iPhones and iPads as of this moment have 4 tabs which are the Home tab where the search bar and discover feed are based, the Collections tab where all the saved pages are held and the Tabs tab where all open tabs are kept.

As per 9to5G, users can turn on notifications for TV shows, News alerts and sports teams etc. These notifications can be turned on from the bell icon on the top left corner of the story card. These notifications will only be available for trending topics, places, people and things. This update was released because any notifications previously sent out could have been lost while clearing notifications, ignored as spam etc. So they decided to dedicate a special place where all notifications will be held. This will help users keep track of things and revisit old searches to find out more about them. It will also help in remembering important searches that one needs to search more than once.

While some iOS phones have already received this update some like the phones with the 206.0 version have not even received this update yet and it is not clear as to when Android phones will also be getting this update.

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