Snap Introduces Flying Camera That Takes Pictures And Videos While Following Users Around

Snapchat’s parent company is working on a camera drone as its latest gadget.

The new venture is said to capture pictures and videos of users while following them around. To put it simply, it’s a camera drone that’s called Pixy and is priced at $229 per piece.

In case you’re wondering how it differs from others in the market, well, it’s being highlighted for its lightweight and that makes it so much easier to carry around.

The project was unveiled by the company recently during their yearly partner’s summit and it’s safe to say that it had plenty of viewers excited.

Snap’s CEO referred to the cool gadget as a ‘free-flying sidekick’ that can be your little partner for both small and big-scale adventures. He also outlined how the product could take snaps of spontaneous moments.

The latest gadget is said to be very user-friendly and this was proven by a demo shared with the audience, where the camera became activated and allowed to reach the air through the simple click of a button.

It’s so impeccably designed that it even landed on the CEO’s hand so gently, showing its precision to follow commands.

Thankfully, you don’t have to surround yourself with complex controllers or a setup that’s too hard to understand. Instead, you simply put in the respective flight path and let the drone handle the rest.

After completion, the media files captured are transferred to any smartphone in a wireless manner. To take it one step further, you can further enhance the content by making edits through SnapChat and then posting them up through your accounts on social media.

There are four different flight pathways to choose from and they allow Pixy to travel high above the user and its surroundings. Your selection can include orbit, reveal, hover, and even follow.

Being just 0.2 pounds in weight and having an inbuilt 12-megapixel camera too, the drone is designed to take high-resolution images at a speed of 30 different frames in just one second.

Users can also benefit from 16GB flash memory that gives you the freedom for 100 videos or better yet, 1000 pictures. And all you need to transfer your images is Bluetooth.

There are still a few unanswered questions like how long the drone may function in a single charging but Snap revealed that in just 20 minutes, you’ll benefit from an 80% recharge, obviously when the product is plugged into a socket.

At the moment, the product is on sale via the website for customers in the US and France but the company hopes to expand the venture soon to other areas too.

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