Mark Zuckerberg Is Optimistic About His Company’s Future As Meta Unveils Next-Gen VR Headset

Meta’s CEO has shed light on his company’s optimistic future while announcing the firm’s quarterly earnings.

On Wednesday, Zuckerberg mentioned how optimistic he feels about going forward despite the company being criticized for failing to achieve its target earnings.

While the tech giant did manage to meet revenue goals and add new users, this was not the growth anticipated. Nevertheless, the CEO seems content with his firm’s overall performance while discussing what the future holds.

Meta plans on taking it slow for a few of its investments when looking at the current scenario. But there were also some things worth celebrating like the platform’s success with Reels and the much-talked-about transition to the Metaverse.

Zuckerberg did address the concerns and challenges surrounding the company through a post on Facebook too. This entailed the ongoing struggle to monetize one of the firm’s successful projects- its short videos or Reels.

Yes, it’s not bringing in the revenue it should in terms of views but the CEO says that they’re working on it and plenty of surprises are in store.

Other common issues touched upon were the ongoing Russian and Ukrainian conflict that has impacted the company’s revenue, a decline in e-commerce, and also the much-talked-about Apple iOS alterations.

How Meta hopes to achieve growth

Last year, Meta showed us two different components through which it liked to divide its work. One was through its family of apps that entail Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram and the other was through its Reality Labs that build on the platform’s future.

Now, it’s taking things a little differently with investments being made to ads, metaverse, and Reels, where the revenue generated will help drive growth for its Reality labs.

AI systems will help generate recommendations

Reels have been a popular feature for Instagram for a while and we’re seeing it grow on Facebook too. But to help take things to the next level, Meta wants to make the most of Reels by bettering AI recommendations.

Zuckerberg hopes to use advancements in AI to turn it into a search engine that gives users what they want in terms of content that is shared throughout its network. And why not, most of the feed we see is being recommended by AI anyway.

Meta launches a VR platform called Horizon

We’re all well aware of how hard Meta is working to make digital connectivity the future and that’s why it’s allocating so many resources towards VR and Metaverse.

Now, Meta is keen on launching the Horizon, as early as this year- an innovative social media platform that makes transitioning into the Metaverse simpler.

Horizon will be assisted by Meta’s Quest and will entail exciting recreational activities for both entertainment and work. Just the thought of making a living on the Metaverse sounds surreal but Meta is promising it!

VR headsets as replacements for laptops

Keeping in line with Meta’s promise of viewing VR as the future, the company is all set to launch VR-themed headsets under the title of Project Cambria.

This time around, the focus of the VR gadget is more work-related and Zuckerberg says this could be your next laptop or even serve as your work office.

The CEO says it’s a premium device with a range of improved enhancements that impeccably blends the real world with the VR world. This will include built-in tracking of the eyes and face so you can even use the device to give facial expressions and even produce eye contact.

It’s all about enhancing your presence at the moment with complete color passing through into the device for a very real effect.

Other than that, you can expect to make video calls and hold sessions with employees or colleagues through VR means. But it doesn’t come cheap with a hefty price tag that goes above $299. When you consider the offerings, some critics do believe it could be justified.

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