You Are Not Alone; Video Meetings Are No Good!

The pandemic era was not easy on any of us, and even after the world has moved on, it seems that companies are now really pleasuring themselves with virtual meetings. Even toddlers knew the word of the giant virtual meeting platform Zoom. One felt like they were in the office without being there, and the constant background disruptions and the lousy internet connection did not make things any easier. If you are someone who is absolutely done by the quality of virtual meetings, then you are not alone, as a report published by ReadAI shares some fascinating insights on the subject.

Despite their popularity during the two years of the pandemic, video conferences continue to deliver subpar performance. To provide credibility to the publishing company’s work, they offer an engagement monitoring service for virtual meetings. This particular report came after an in-depth analysis of three million video call minutes! The findings are pretty much your everyday thoughts before you enter the meeting.

You were not wrong if being in a virtual conference felt like an eternity. The report states that over 51% of the virtual conferences went over the scheduled time. The increase was just about a minute, but no one wanted to stay a second more at work. It does not get any prettier as 31% of the meetings start late. 21% come with a multitude of problems. Network issues, audio and poor video quality remained an issue throughout the virtual conferences. Do you remember your co-worker’s eyes moving away every minute as if they were trying to watch a tv show in the background? The report also states that about 24% of participants are not engaged at all and will be focused on other tasks! 15% of the meetings left participants confused about the agenda, and they ended up being frustrated over their valuable time lost. Lastly, no surprise 50% of the people ended up voting the meeting either as average or bad.

The frustration of attending a virtual conference is a big deal, and while there is room for improvement, it is not dependent on a single person but on everyone present in the online meeting. The meetings start late because, according to the report, about 50% of people join the virtual conference later than the scheduled time. 22% of the participants will easily blend in with the background and never speak or share a single word with the panel. This implies that smaller meetings are beneficial where one can easily engage participants in a conversation. However, large scale businesses cannot schedule a thousand meetings in a single day to accommodate their hundreds of employees. As the virtual meeting goes on, the participants are likely to lose their interest over time. The statistic shows that about 37% of participants lose all their interest compared to the first few minutes of the meeting. It becomes even harder to engage as 11% of people are regarded to be in what the report calls ghost mode. The participants turn off their webcam and audio for the duration of the meeting.

Even though it is no longer the only option, virtual meetings are still being used by businesses. The room for improvement not only comes for the company hosting the meeting but the individuals participating in it!
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