New Alarming Reports Say The US Is Leading As A Hotspot Destination For Cybercrime

Shocking Infosecurity statistics are shedding light on the US and how it has suffered more than 6.5 billion episodes of data breaches in the past ten years.

Moreover, if that wasn’t scary enough, think along the lines of 20 data breach incidents for every citizen in the country. Yikes, things aren’t looking too great, that’s for sure.

The data comes from Crucial which many deem to be a leader in terms of Infosecurity research.

During the period between 2013 and 2021, the organization was able to tally up numerous incidents of data breaches around the world with America leading the list, followed up by a distance from Korea, which came second. For third place, it was Canada.

Crucial boldly declared how the US is a prime location for cybercrime and its increasing population with numerous data-dependent organizations had plenty to do with it.

Surprisingly, the US may have plenty of tactics and strategies to assist in counteracting data breach incidents but these alarming figures are proof of how they clearly need to do more.

These trends are in-line with the great concerns surrounding every other American citizen. In case you weren’t aware, a new poll revealed how three-fourths of the country claim to be afraid of cyberattacks that potentially target their financial account details. Meanwhile, only one-third of the population has concerns or fear of getting mugged.

Last year, the country led the global pack for costs relating to cyberattacks, which accounted for a little over the $9 million benchmarks.

However, that certainly doesn’t mean other countries aren’t coming close in terms of catching up to the US. For instance, Canada’s costs of data breaches increased by a staggering 20%.

Similarly, the United Kingdom also saw a rapid increase in data breaches and the loss accompanied by them to nearly 19.7%. To be exact, that’s nearly $4.67 million.

When looking at the incident from a global perspective, it is interesting to note how cyberattacks increased by about 10% in the year 2021. Experts believe this increase was mostly related to the COVID-19 pandemic, alongside a number of other factors.

Other case reports from Crucial highlighted statistics from the past pertaining to the popular music sharing domain MySpace where nearly 500,000 songs were lost. Similarly, it spoke about a Twitter hacking incident involving renowned accounts of famous personalities like US President Joe Biden, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, and Microsoft founder Bill Gates too.

Crucial has also highlighted the great significance attached to ward off the risk of data breaches by complex passwords, cloud data storage for backing up files, the use of SSD, and foolproof authentication techniques.
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