Microsoft shares what it's planning for Windows 11 taskbar

One of the most-requested features of the recent version of Windows, Taskbar is not going to update soon as far as missing features are concerned.

As per a recent Ask Microsoft Anything (AMA) video, Microsoft isn’t considering it as the most important thing to do on Windows 11, rather they’re focusing on other updates that can significantly help in achieving the popularity just like Windows 10. The bottom-most bar of your desktop’s screen is Taskbar which has been an integral part of Windows since it was launched, and now the tech giant has decided to rebuild it. A while ago, Windows 11’s Taskbar was the most controversial feature of Microsoft for its new OS. Users have complained about it and Microsoft admits that they’re going to update some missing features but not all of them.

The taskbar was built from scratch, and it does not support the drag and drop feature. In addition to it, Taskbar does not move from the bottom to the right, left, or top positions. The Microsoft Development team has made it clear that the animation flow from the Start menu will find it difficult to move to other positions because Windows 11 is built on XAML code and uses WinUI controls, unlike previous Windows versions. To recap, Microsoft redesigned the Taskbar. A lot of features were missing from the Taskbar. It gathered data from the masses, and it decided to bring back only those features that are highly demanded. And the audience that wants to relocate the Taskbar to other screen edges seems to be less. But, still many people are unhappy because they can’t relocate the Taskbar according to their desired position.

To add on, a new update is coming along with the Windows 11 22H2 feature that will soon allow the apps and other files or folders to be dragged and dropped on the Windows 11’s Taskbar, and users would be able to pin resizable items in the Start menu. The 22H2 update is expected to come this year, so it might be possible this feature will also be available soon. Along with that, Microsoft also comes up with the new Taskbar contraction feature which looks pretty amazing. As Microsoft cares about the tablet audience the most because of the Surface which pops off an attached keyboard. So, people who use Windows as a tablet will find it a much-appreciated update.

To conclude, if you are a Windows 11 user, and you are interested in bringing some previous features back on it, you can buy it from Stardock and it will fix most of the new operating system’s issues and make the Taskbar more customized for you.

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