New Controversy For Apple's App Store As It Pilot Tests Allowing Developers To Charge Users For Price Hikes In Subscription

It appears to be a new day and a new controversy for the App Store and this time around, it entails iOS users.

A recent report highlights how the Apple App Store is now busy pilot testing allowing its developers to start charging users for any increases in subscription fees.

But experts are not too surprised as there has been a constant debate revolving around Apple providing an option for users to pay for their apps.

Hence, you may have seen the company being accused by both third parties and the government of serving as a potential monopoly. Now, this new controversy has begun, adding greater misery to the Apple App Store.

The incident arose when a notable app developer by the name of Max Seelemann put up through his Twitter account about price increases in subscriptions for Disney Plus. And that is what soon began a long chain of others that soon began to speak on similar issues.

Soon, the word began to spread, and many raised issues surrounding the fact that this is clearly not how things work while quoting the documentation belonging to Apple developers. Many people spoke that the App Store’s subscriptions need to work on a basis where consumers agree to price hikes via a consent sheet that is clearly shown in the app itself.

After the ongoing controversy, Apple did pull out a statement that did in fact confirm how there was a pilot test going on, adding how numerous developers across a wide array of app categories would be included.

While it didn’t specify the exact nature of the test and its true purpose, it only said how they’ll soon be sharing more details soon.

Tech experts are arguing how Apple is at fault here because they are only telling users about a price change. Instead, they should be the ones giving them an option to eliminate the subscription towards the beginning to avoid such hassles from taking place.

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