TikTok now allows users to enable a handy ‘Background Playback’ option for live videos

The short-video app TikTok is rolling out an update that enables you to keep listening to your favorite Live video in the background by turning on the Background Play option while you’re exiting the app.

Ever wondered, if in the future you’ll be able to listen to audio on TikTok while you’re driving your car or performing some yoga steps? Well, from now on, you won’t have to switch tabs or necessarily watch some videos, rather you can exit the app while the audio keeps running in the background. This feature is designed in a way that one can keep the audio rolling and enable users to hear the interesting conversations in Live-stream without watching the visuals on the app’s interface.

Audio options play a vital role in providing ease to the users and drawing more attention and engagement for some types of users. An example of this can be seen with the rise of Clubhouse and similar features on Facebook and Twitter. Nowadays, the majority of us prefer podcasts which are digital audio files that can be listened to easily anywhere. Likewise, TikTok is already a popular app having more than 100 million users in the United States. Following this trend of Background audio playback, the app is soon going to hit and surpass many social networking apps. With this update, TikTok would be able to get more users’ involvement, and it will also be able to maximize its true potential.

The screenshot shared by social media researcher Matt Navarra (originally spotted by Jonah Manzano) revealed that a Picture-in-Picture (PiP) option in the background player keeps the LIVE videos playing in a floating window, even if you exit the application. This update could provide an opportunity for the TikTok content makers to renew their potential and gain more followers. Ultimately, TikTok stars will be able to broadcast audio-only, which could be able to increase the community's growth.

On the other hand, still you cannot tune into TikTok videos in audio format, as the Background Playback option is only applicable to the Live-stream videos. But, it could potentially maximize the users’ engagement with the platform.

To sum up, the Background playback option is relatively new and still experimental and will allow content makers to connect with their audience effectively.

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