Meta-sponsored report claims 'End-to-End Encryption is Essential for the Realization of Human Rights'

Social responsibility is something every user and every company should have. It is a necessary trait that helps to keep the internet ethical and helps keep everything respectful. If companies don’t have this sense, then the internet would be a place where respect and safety will be almost extinct.

A non-profit organization called Business for Social Responsibility is working toward bringing awareness of social responsibility to companies and has worked with many. They on Monday, published a report which, along with internet safety, talked about human rights on the internet. The report also praises the Meta Platforms Inc. end to end encryption feature which is already working on WhatsApp to Messenger and Instagram. End to end encryption means that no one outside of that chat, even the app will not be able to read or listen to those messages. So this feature will keep on offering privacy benefits for humanity in general.

All the work done on this topic by BSR was sponsored by Meta but the final published report had no input from the tech giant. The report was completely free of any outside influence from Meta. While BSR has worked with many companies in the past, the final published reports were completely independent from the company. This made their reputation for having independent reports.

The group said that their 120-page report was very comprehensive and it talked about human rights in the light of the end to end encryption feature so its end results could apply to other companies as well and not just Meta. It was also stated that only the tech savvy people should not have protection of their messages but it should be a privilege that is available for all to avail.

To sum it all up, Meta should continue with the work they are doing right now for internet safety and other companies should take notes.

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