Meta Announces Plans To Launch Its Revolutionary AR Glasses In The Year 2024

Meta is more than excited about its plans to dive into the future with its Metaverse and AR-designed technology.

Recently, a report from TheVerge highlighted how the company would soon be launching its first-ever AR glasses as an integral component of its ‘Project Nazare’.

The company says users can expect to see a much lighter and advanced version of the glasses taking center stage in 2026, while another advancement would be expected in 2028. As you can see, the company is not coming slow.

Reports highlighted how the new model for the glasses would function separately from the phone. However, users would certainly require devices that held the outline of a phone for effective use. After all, the gadget would employ great computer handling while relying upon electrical pulse-based wristbands.

Experts believe the model of the glasses would offer wearers a wholesome 3D visual experience as it comes equipped with tracking, stereo audio features, an outward camera, and a wide-view field of vision. Remember, Meta is aiming for a ‘socially acceptable’ appeal and with these features in mind, we feel it can achieve just that.

At the center of it all, users can expect to communicate with others through holograms, similar to what was promised by the company in its last branding video that came out last year in the fall. And that is what Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg feels would give rise to a more thrilling experience than the usual video calling.

Other experts shed light on how the company was also looking at a number of other possibilities for the release of a less exciting but equally innovative wearable which comes in the form of smart glasses paired with your smartphone.

This project dubbed Hypernova would entail seeing notifications pop up via a tiny display and in case you’re wondering about its release, well, it will again be 2024.

Meta isn’t holding too many expectations in terms of sales for its first pair of AR glasses. But it does believe it would attract plenty of enthusiasts that are keen on seeing what the future of technology really looks and feels like.

One insider revealed to The Verge how Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg may be downplaying his expectations for the launch because he’s keen on getting an iPhone moment with the innovative project.

However, whether or not that actually ends up happening, only time can tell as hopes and expectations are certainly running high.

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