Meta revealed how much it spends on Mark Zuckerberg’s safety, and it is not surprising

Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most influential people of this generation because of his company Meta. As he is one important person his safety is always at risk, because there are people who hate others for no reason at all. So, his safety is a priority for Meta (AKA Facebook). Meta has taken many steps for the protection of Mark Zuckerberg.

In a regulatory filing, Meta revealed that it has spent around $27 million on the security of its founder in the previous year. It was said that they don’t only spend this money on Zuckerberg’s bodyguards and their salaries, but on his hotel rentals, the installation and the management of the protection devices like security cameras and the cost related to his personal trips.

According to Bloomberg, Meta is the only company that spends this much on the protection of its Chief Executive Officer. Google has spent $4.3 million on the security of its CEO Sundar Pichai and as another example Berkshire Hathaway which is an American multinational stock holding company has only spent a mere amount of $273,000 on its CEO Warren Buffet.

According to Meta it is their belief that Mark Zuckerberg is a synonym of Meta itself so any complaints against the company are directly related to Zuckerberg himself. They also think that Zuckerberg’s influence puts him in a unique position that can easily turn into one that compromises his safety. It was also said that Zuckerberg is one of the most recognized Executives in the world mainly because of the reach of the app and their user base.

The cost of Zuckerberg’s protection actually rose by 6% in comparison with the last year. According to Meta this increase came because of some more added personal costs of traveling, the market for personal bodyguards increased and because of the Covid-19 protocols. This increase did not come because of any more threats to Zuckerberg’s safety.

This amount being spent can be justified by the fact that Zuckerberg only takes a one-dollar salary unlike other CEOs who take millions as theirs.

H/T: Statista.

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