Meta Declares Reels As Its Most Popular Feature Of Instagram Where Users Allocate 20% Of Their Time

After unveiling its quarterly performance update for Q1 2022, Meta sheds light on its growing popularity for Reels.

The famous short video feature is a fierce competitor against TikTok and is said to take up at least 20% of the time users spend scrolling through Instagram.

Meta was also quick to highlight how its video-based features were also responsible for taking up nearly 50% of users’ time on Facebook. But the tech giant failed to delineate how much of that time was taken up by its Reels feature. However, one thing is for sure- we know Reels is doing great on Facebook too.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that although the famous short-video feature was not able to monetize too well as its Stories feature does, you can’t deny the number of views it can generate on a daily basis.

For this reason, Meta hopes to work on growing this feature further and expanding it in a way that improves monetization while ensuring users get the best.

Zuckerberg revealed how something similar happened with Stories where it didn’t monetize well at the start but after some much-needed changes and improvements, it took off brilliantly.

For this reason, Meta is very optimistic about Reels too, and hopes to see the same take off as far as monetization is concerned. But it knows things aren’t as simple as perceived, meaning we could see a few years until that happens. This is where Meta also spoke about adding ads to Reels but that is only in its initial stage.

In the past 18 years since Facebook’s takeoff, Zuckerberg shed light on how there has been a change in trends as far as media types are concerned. At the moment, short-video are leading and it only makes sense to build upon them as quickly as possible to reap the benefits.

With that, the CEO also highlighted how there was a greater shift towards AI recommendations. The company noticed how more and more of its feeds for both Reels and Stories were coming from there.

Before Meta saw feeds solely coming from social media circles but now we’re seeing more and more of them being produced with the help of AI.

Zuckerberg sees the world of AI not only for recommendation purposes but also as a leading search engine that unlocks a plethora of unseen information in the form of posts and videos that really engage viewers.

One reason could be the way it's used for TikTok’s popular algorithm where recommendations are generated through AI-powered technology. Therefore, it makes perfect sense as to why Meta is keen on jumping on to the bandwagon too.

This way, more and more people could interact with media formats like Reels via AI recommendation systems. And that could also provide in-line competition for TikTok.

It’s interesting to note how Meta’s feedback on its Reels is coming at a time when Google just shared how it’s busy with ad testing for its Shorts feature. And that’s when Google’s CEO also delineated how popular its Shorts had become, producing nearly 30 billion views in just one day.

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