LinkedIn Introduces Features To Drive Up User Engagement Via Profile Links and Newsletters

LinkedIn is the go to recruiter choice for numerous businesses. In today’s digital world, optimization of your LinkedIn profile is a vital part and no longer treated as an option. Model businesses around the world can locate you via your profile and it almost serves as a resume for hundreds of applications nowadays. This is exactly why it is crucial to be on the lookout of any updates offered by the platform so that one can update their profile accordingly. LinkedIn's new update is rolling out to millions of users around the globe and it now offers new options to expand your online presence.

The new update comes with exciting features like showcasing a link in your profile, new analytics tools to get better insights about your posts, inbuilt video trimming feature for smart phones and updated newsletter display options. Matt Navarra, the app researcher, is one of the first few people to update regarding the new features. He specifically talks about showcasing your own link in your LinkedIn’s profile. A website link can easily be embedded and displayed just below your username and description. This is particularly useful for users who wish to display their portfolios outside the platform. Graphic designers, artists and website builders often come up with unique ways to communicate and showcase their abilities. A unique link can allow them to redirect any potential recruiters and visitors on their profile to the custom page. The app’s unique way to direct organic attention towards your custom website is exciting for many users.

The platform is also introducing group posts analytics. They provide better insights into engagements, the topics that most group members are going to interact with and

optimal posting times. Accessing post analytics within a group is pretty simple. All you need to do is click on view analytics below your post in the group and it will pop open a window. Groups may not be handy for many users on LinkedIn however these analytics can come in handy for employers of a particular business. They can come together and share their insights and experiences making for a positive environment and allowing room for the company to better itself.

The LinkedIn app now offers a built in video trimming option. The same feature can be seen on an array of apps however it being present in the LinkedIn app itself is of great help to many creators. One can simply edit and post the video without having to download any third party software. This increases productivity and saves time!

Lastly, the platform is now allowing users to place their newsletter in the featured section along with a subscribe button. This is an excellent way to drive engagement and gain more subscribers as the newsletter will be the first thing when someone visits your profile.

LinkedIn’s new update provides its users with more control to drive up their impressions and reach out to more potential recruiters. It's worthwhile researching a bit about these tools to make the most out of them.

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