Google Makes Additions in Its Advertising Policy and Guidelines To Control Inappropriate Ads and Advertisers

In light of recent complains by numerous users regarding general search experience being clumsy due to the clickbait and misleading ads, Google has made some reforms in their Google Ads System.

Google has updated their policies with 9 new additions to regulate ads and their advertisers on the platform. Advertisers who won’t follow the rules are not allowed to put up their ads and make use of one of the worlds largest advertising platform.

These 9 policies have been added the three-strikes system which was implemented by Google last September albeit the testing started in July. This same system is also there in YouTube's Copy Strike System where a channel would be automatically deleted if it receives continuous strikes by the right authority for stealing content. But the three-strike system added for Google Ads is for controlling unnecessary or inappropriate ads on Google.

Google has added the new policies to ensure that users receive relevant ads when browsing Google and improve user experience. Businesses and advertisers who partake in advertising any of the following will receive a strike by Google. If they continue to put up ads like these, they will be given 2 more strikes until the reach 3 strikes. If they reach 3 strikes, the three-strike system will automatically put them on the red list and they will never be allowed to advertise their business/ads on Google again.

These new policies include very inappropriate or otherwise annoying content which is refrained to be advertised on Google. Those policies include Clickbait, Bail Bond Ads, Call Directories, Credit Repair Services, Misleading Ads, Sexually Explicit Content, Personal Loans, Binary Options and Mail Order Brides.

Alongside that, there are other rules that advertisers should avoid breaking which aren’t anything particularly new. Anything dangerous related to health, products or services as well as dishonest or malicious content would be removed from Google Ads and the advertiser would receive a strike.

So, if you’re an advertiser who wants to benefit from Google Ads, avoid posting any ads that are listed here as that would earn you a strike and a potential ban if you continue to advertise the same type of content again. It is helpful to stay updated about Google’s new policies and their additions so you can be safe from a potential ban of your account or business from Google.

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