Instagram Changes Ranking Algorithm To Promote More Original Content

Instagram’s CEO Adam Mosseri has recently announced how the platform is doing everything in its power to promote more original content on the app and that means users can soon expect a change in its algorithm.

Moments after his announcement, a spokesperson for the company reiterated that the app is prioritizing original content across the board and focusing less on reposted content. And that means special emphasis will be given to both the news feed and Reels feature to achieve those goals.

The whole idea is based upon originality as mentioned by the CEO who shared his message through a recent video on Wednesday. He also mentioned how it made more sense to give users more credit if they were actually posting something of their own instead of sharing the works of others.

Elaborating further on the mega announcement, Mosseri also shed light on how users would now be less able to recommend reposts from Reels that are seen on the app already. Similarly, the company would now be restricting users from sharing accounts whose sole purpose is to promote other people’s work.

Now that does make sense as the app wants deserving original creators to get more money, engagement, and credit for their own work. And in case you’re wondering why the sudden realization, well, Mosseri says that the app has always aimed to achieve just that but now it’s leaning towards that initiative more than ever.

Some users questioned the decision by asking how the platform could be certain that the content actually belonged to the person promoting it? And the answer given was that it could never be certain but you’ve got to start from somewhere.

Instagram does however create classifiers to see how much originality there really is in the content while searching for key pointers like who’s featuring and whether it was put up in the past or not.

So, what happens to all those famous meme accounts whose goal is to repost other people’s reels? Remember, this is where the app gains tons of engagement, not to mention a bucketload of views. But with the new change in place, it’s evident that we may be bidding them farewell for good as they won’t receive the same response as before.

Mosseri says that leaning more and more toward the idea of recommendations could lead users to overvalue content being perpetrated by others. And that could have consequences for the creator and be bad for the app as a whole too, especially in the long term

With the announcement came a number of ways that the tech giant would now be resorting to in order to achieve their content of promoting originality. This included both product tags and enhanced tags.

Just recently, Instagram shed light on how product tags would be available to public users in the US too as previously, it had been restricted to only content creators or brands. Therefore, more American users can benefit from tagging goods selected for Instagram’s shopping. And this enhanced expansion means users could better explore products through the people they're already following on the app.

Just this month, we also witnessed the platform launching enhanced tags that provide users with ease in terms of receiving due credit for their content. The app announced how the feature enables sharing and viewing different images or videos that belong to a single creator. The tag will feature the creator’s specific role in the content.

And with these new tags being rolled out, more and more content creators could further tag others whom they’re inspired for greater exposure.

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