Instagram Is Adding A New Collaborative Project By The Name Of Boards To Its Repertoire Of Features

Instagram is working on a new Boards feature, which allows users to participate in collaborative projects.

For users who are just hearing about Boards across the internet, the feature was initially floated around by devs under the name of Canvas. Honestly, I feel like Canvas is much more indicative of the new addition's functionality, but maybe that's why I write tech articles instead of working in marketing. At any rate, Canvas was revealed by social media enthusiast Alessandro Paluzzi in the form of a screenshot, revealing a new project that Instagram was working on. Recently, he posted yet another screenshot, clarifying further details regarding the freshly renamed Boards initiative, revealing it to be something along the lines of Reddit's r/place.

Place was a very famous collaborative project back in 2017, and was very recently (and briefly) revived in 2022. The idea was to see just how well communities across the internet could band together for the sake of a common purpose. The purpose here? Art. A blank slate was provided to members of the r/place subreddit, and they were asked to coordinate with other netizens and create whatever they wanted. Remarkably, the project was a massive success. The original 2017 tile had over a million users working in conjunction, and at least 90,000 active individuals at any one time. The online canvas had hundreds of art pieces meshed together, with minimal overlapping, and was a smash hit.

Instagram's Boards initiative is apparently set out to accomplish a similar goal. The feature will allow users to set up their own canvases on the platform, and engage with friends on different art projects. This initiative, apparently, is much more of an invite-only project, although I suppose an individual could easily invite as many people as they'd like. Boards will also feature a live chat where stickers, Reels, stories, and posts can be sent. Finally, the project's also adding voice chat to its list of tools, in case users would like to imitate a CS: GO lobby in Instagram.

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