Willing to remove your presence from the internet and social media? Study shows you are not alone!

According to the latest survey, a great amount of the public in the US is concerned about their existence on the internet and social media.

When the internet was newly invented, it was a great source of entertainment because everyone using it could find their memories and much more.

As we all have understood what the internet is, we are somewhat aware of the dangers that can happen due to the internet as well. It can save all your prior data, which can be disturbing for some people who want to get rid of the internet or this fake world of the internet. There are a great number of people who have hurtful past and their pictures, videos, profiles can make them feel upset. There is also a lot of personal information which is hovering around on the internet.

Are you thinking about disappearing from the internet? Or have you ever thought of being unavailable on the internet for a lifetime?

A survey conducted by NordVPN which was based on thousand people in the US who are 18 years or older and were asked what they feel about being on internet platforms. Amazingly, a good amount of people said that they would delete their accounts if they could somehow. 47 percent were on the point that they do not trust the internet. Very few of them did not even want the existence of the internet and they do not bother if the internet is not available to them. These people were about 18%. Only 8% of them stated that they do not use the internet at all. This statement nowadays is very difficult to believe because it is the era of the internet.

It was also asked by the people that according to them, what is the information they are willingly showing others and are they happy showing all the details of their lives to the people or not.

About 9% of them agreed to share their financial information with the people and about 53% disagreed with showing their financial details to people. 10% of them agreed on showing their texts and emails, while 34% of them refused to do so. Similarly, it was acceptable for 9% of people to show their work information whereas, 23% of them disagreed with it.

Would you be the one disappearing from the internet after studying the count of people refusing its relativity in different fields of life?

Moreover, the following survey also reveals that people were asked if they would pay for anonymity whenever they are using the internet? About 31% of people acknowledged paying about $100 for this purpose. Only 3% of them agreed on paying about $1000 for online anonymity.

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