Instagram Is Adding More To Its New Communities Feature, And Is Also Testing Nudges To The Platform

Instagram is introducing more community oriented features to its interface, with Instagram Community and Nudges under development.

We’ve heard of Instagram Community before, and have even discussed it on this very tech journal. It’s essentially the platform’s version of Facebook Groups: i.e., public or private aggregations of users where netizens can come together over shared interests. Tweets from social media leaker and Twitter journalist Alessandro Paluzzi uncover further details on what we can expect from this new feature. As of yet, what we know about Communities is pretty similar to Groups with a tweak here or there. Users can converse with each other, they can send posts, Reels, and whatnot. In fact, due to Instagram’s interface being more chat-intensive than that of Facebook, Communities might end up resembling a Discord chat more than the Facebook iteration of such a feature. At any rate, Instagram Communities will also have Stories of their own which can be uploaded by group moderators. Just like any other online communal platform, these can be either public or private groups with mods approving posts or just letting things fly free. However, considering that this is the internet and many a subreddit has been tanked due to a lack of effective moderation, maybe having no mods isn’t the best idea out there.

Then there’s the other feature on our hand: Nudges. Nudges are yet another Instagram feature which was developed by taking a leaf out of Facebook’s page. To be fair, however, Facebook’s Pokes were also inspired from MSN’s Nudges. The snake eats its own tail, yada yada, and here we are now. With a feature that I’ve time and time again stated is by definition useless and sort of annoying. How non-confrontational does someone have to be in order to not leave the other person a message and just nudge them? I understand that real-life communication doesn’t translate well to social media culture, but even then, this really is just the IRL counterpart of leaving someone a blank note with your name on it. Thank you very much, now what am I supposed to do with this. For the individuals who say that poking’s sort of fun, I ask what sort of 9 to 5 corporate job with overtime has lulled your sense of fun into a near-comatose fugue state?

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