Alexa Is Able To Tell Now If Your Package Is At Your Doorstep

Amazon's Alexa can be seen in almost every average household. One can see Alexa acting as an assistant, fixing up schedules for everyone, carrying out everyday menial tasks like creating a shopping list as directed and assisting in some functions such as paying the bill as soon as you instruct it to do so. If you are someone who loves getting things online, Amazon's Alexa new update is for you!

The cloud based digital helper now can differentiate between people and a package from the video coming from door or security cameras. Suppose, if upgraded to either Fire or Echo platforms. In that case, the digital assistant is now programmed to tell what and who is, thereby notifying you! If you are not a fan of Amazon's Alexa, then do not worry, as the update may potentially be introduced in other platforms. The update efficiently works with numerous other platforms

Currently, the feature is only available to customers of Alexa with Ring platform's access. Amazon's API will be gradually introduced to Google and Abode platforms as well. The new update also comes with handy features. One is quickly able to customize a routine through Alexa by having your garden's light automatically turning on at a specific time, with more flexibility over smart locks. Also, one more handy feature is that the sprinklers turn on automatically in case of an intruder. These detection based upgrades are an improved and new update to your digital butler, Alexa!

Ring platforms are one of the first few to enjoy the new detection feature. Abode's platforms may also be a part of the same update later; however, no date is being specified for now. Unfortunately, as for Google's platforms they are not included in the update. Google's equipment already comes equipped with in-built detection features. Still, it may be too early to compare the detection functionality offered by Google and Alexa platforms. Luckily, these updates are partnerships. Amazon simply allowed all manufacturers to include the detection feature into their system.

However, camera manufacturers may choose to charge you for this new upgrade. The detection plan comes at the cost of $3 per month for Ring users. You will need to upgrade to a Ring Protect Plan. The same feature comes at a higher price for Abode users, as they will be charged $7 per month. Google, for now, provides the detection functionality for free!

The upgrade is simple to enable and requires you to access your doorbells' settings and enable detection function. Alexa's app is pretty straightforward and only asks one to access your camera settings. Once there, allow or change the function to your liking. One can choose a particular Alexa to make any announcements regarding visitors if you have two or three in possession. The upgrade is currently being made available. Likely it will be with you on your device in the coming weeks. There has been no official timeline from the platform itself, and one cannot say for sure if and when this update goes live for all the users across the globe.

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