Instagram chose to take no action against the misogynist abuse faced by female users on the platform

According to the latest reports, the most popular and the fastest-growing photo and video sharing social network Instagram, is now a platform where women are facing misogynist abuse in their direct messages on an almost daily basis and sadly the company is systematically failing to address and take action against such cases, even though the issue is widely spreading and becoming out of control.

Many high profile females who have a large number of people following them on Instagram receive numerous amount of misogynistic messages in their dm’s, including threats of sexual abuse as well as physical abuse, gender-based violence, and pornographic content. On the other hand, the abuser or the culprit can easily escape the consequences as direct messages on Instagram are not really monitored.

A non-profit organization dealing with individuals promoting online hate and misinformation, the CCDH (Center of Countering Digital Hate) conducted a study with five very famous ladies on Instagram. CCDH were allowed to deeply analyze over 8,700 private messages received by the five notable women, the famous actor Amber Heard is one of them.

The results of the study showed that the tech company, surprisingly, took no legal action on 90 percent of the harassment received in the private messages by women, even when they were reported to the authorities.

The CCDH claimed that Instagram has chosen to side with the abusers by not addressing these cases and not taking action, moreover, the women also have to struggle with Instagram safety tools as they’re not helpful at all while the culprit roams freely.

In response to this research, the tech company argued that they’ve increased effective protections for high-profile females and they do take action on these cases, however, the responses are not publicly viewed as they’re only for the culprits.

What does Instagram have to say about this? Instagram mentioned that they inflict a penalty on the culprit in a number of stages: An individual sending the first violating message leads to a strike, then a word of warning, and then disabling the account to send private messages for some time.

The misogynic harassment has now become an epidemic issue witnessed not only on Instagram but also on Facebook, Twitter,and various other media platforms. The women of minority groups are targeted more often.
Dark-skinned women with dark color complexions, LGBTQ communities, and systematically excluded groups are most likely to be victims of online abuse and harassment. In a 2017 research, by Pew Research Center, out of four Black women, one has experienced an online attack due to their race and ethnicity. Dark-skinned women receive messages including racism combined with misogyny.

Women have also observed that if the same crime happens on a street, the culprit would be arrested however on the internet, there is no such punishment for these crimes.

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