Instagram Allows Creative Control To Pin Posts And Edit Grids

The massive picture sharing platform Instagram is the first-picked choice for many users who wish to share the must-sees of their lives. You can share videos of your day to day activities, highlight the best moment of your year and connect with many likewise content creators across the globe. The platform has amassed an enormous consumer base since its inception on October 6, 2010. The teams behind Instagram work constantly to ensure that new features are introduced every other month to make its interface more user friendly and engaging. Recently, the platform just announced an update that will bring everyone's attention to a specific post when they visit your profile!

Instagram has been dropping a hint or two over the past few months for this particular feature. Now it is finally rolling out to users in specific regions. The app now allows you an option to pin your posts to the top of your profile. @salman_memon_7, a user on Twitter, was one of the first few people to avail of this update and report on it. According to Salman, the update is now available for users in India. Users retweeted the tweet and said that it is a fantastic development. However, it should be noted that the feature, for now, is in the testing phase, and it could be a while before it is released to everyone around the world.

The new update closely resembles the Instagram highlights feature. Users can quickly build a highlight and upload all their posts in a specific section to keep it tidy and organized. How does pinning and docking posts to the top of your profile helpful to users when they can avail of the same function via highlights? The highlights feature needs to be opened by anyone viewing your profile, but the most recent posts on the Instagram grid are displayed automatically. The most important ones are undoubtedly the top three right at the bottom of your profile and highlights grabbing the viewer's attention instantaneously. Brands and creators can make use of this feature to pin the top three best performing posts, special offers and product displays.
The feature test phase has not been easy on the platform either, as some beta tester spotted Instagram rolling it out on a timely basis back in January. Updates kept coming in, and the feature was redesigned to fit users' needs. @alexa193a, an app researcher, shared his discovery regarding the feature back on January, 2022. He later followed up with another tweet on February, 2022, stating that he is able to pin three posts at the top of their profile.

The update does not limit itself to pinning posts but also introduces an Edit Grid option. Users will be allowed to rearrange their Instagram gallery as per their liking! Likewise, this feature is in the testing phase, and it could be months before users have access to it.

So far, no timeline has been shared by the platform officially, but the consensus from the users chosen for testing the feature has been positive so far! Hundreds of users are excited to have more creative control and freedom on their Instagram personal gallery and are eagerly looking forward to the feature

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