Google Android vs Apple iOS: Data Reveals Which OS Dominates Market Share

How many times have you come across people on the street glued to their smartphones? The chances are many. However, how many of those times have you seen those people using a smartphone other than an Android or iOS. Pretty sure your answer changed to rarely now. Android and iOS are no doubt two of the most massive platforms out there. The platform's significance has only grown in the past few years, and its consumer numbers are going up like crazy. These two platforms have been in competition with one another since their inception. It is only a reasonable assumption that they are growing popular in the market share.

The data from StatCounter provides fascinating insights into the popular OS performance in the market share. It specifically dives into Android's market share over the years and states that it market share has kind of peaked. According to the report, Android is locked in at 69.74 percent in January this current year. In contrast, the platform was at a shocking 77.32 percent in July 2018. Almost a decrease of 7.58 percent in just a couple of years! The decline in the platform's market share brings good news to its competitors. Specifically, iOS will benefit significantly from it!

Since Androids' slight decline, iOS is readily taking its place in the market share. The report draws a comparison between the two competing platforms. It states that the iOS market share went up by almost 8.17 percent. Prior to this, the iOS market share was around 19.4 percent (in July 2018), but now it stands at a surprising 27.57 percent. These comparisons are drawn over the past few years. The iOS platform is showing no signs of slowing down and is on its way to dominating a fair share of the market share. However, it's important to note that with 71.7 percent (as of March 2022 data) Android is still leading the chart when it comes to mobile operating system market share.

Mobile Operating System Market Share Worldwide, Jan 2012 - Mar 2022
How and where exactly is the iOS platform the market share? The report dives into specific aspects of the platform's performance in regions, particularly North America. Android remains the go to choice in many areas across the world. However, the iOS platform managed to sneak its way into North America and break Android's hold over the region. iOS is now the most preferred platform in North America, as reported by users; however, it is not going to be easy to sustain their business as competition with Google's smartphone is intense.

The report specifies that Android dominates at 81 and 90 percent in Asian and South American continents, respectively. Their competition holds less than one percent of the market share in these particular regions. Even when comparing North America, Androids' less percentage of the area does not mean that it is in the run for losing. Many experts forecast that it will be long before the iOS platform is finally able to break Android's domination across the world. The remaining competition holding less than one percent of the market share will be easily wiped out by the two massive platforms in the running!

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