Dynamic Stories: Snapchat’s Long Awaited Feature Dropping Soon

Social media has undeniably become a significant part of our lives. These platforms are working towards introducing new features almost every day to attract more users. In recent news, Snapchat, a platform that allows its users to send vanishing pictures, is testing a new feature.

Social media platforms have been the norm medium for spreading news nowadays. Numerous platforms have a section dedicated to them that is active 24/7. Reportedly, Snapchat wants to cash in on the feature and has been working on it for a while now. According to Axios, this feature is to accommodate newsrooms by allowing them to publish and post their stories in visual formats.

This particular feature is targeted toward the news publishers as it lowers the hassle for visual content creation. Previously, users would have to design and upload stories in one specific format, but with this newly introduced version, an individual can easily break a story in real time and report on live events!

The new product is being called Dynamic Stories. About forty news publishers are already a part of this new update. They are scattered all over the world, some are widely known, and some are local news outlets. This product is especially useful for local organizations as it allows them to expand their content to a larger audience.

Diving into details of the product, Axios reports that they are now allowed to post stories on the platform via RSS feeds. This whole process used to be tiresome and required a lot of work beforehand before the story could be published on Snapchat. The news outlets no longer need to worry about this, as the process has been automated! Stories can be reported as they are being developed, piquing users' interest and increasing Snapchat's user average time that is spent on the app. Given the increase in the number of social platforms, this was a pretty smart move by Snapchat! The update comes with its limitations and does not support video for now. However, it is reported that they may in the future.

This feature update does not necessarily bring big bucks into the platform's pockets. Still, it certainly does help increase its popularity. Now that many major news outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, Vice and The New York Post, just to name a few are a part of the platform's news service, many users will now move onto Snapchat. This may also drive new users to join the platform.

The platform announced that it would be launching its Dynamic Stories feature soon. It also said that they would expand the feature and add more news partners to their already growing list. Now that the platform gives a strong incentive, it won't be long before it becomes the goto choice for live news!

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