Have your meetings under control with the new Co-hosting Feature and New Security Measures in Google Meet

Google Meet, a product by Google that is known for its high-quality video calls, is an upgraded version of Google Hangouts. It is a video-conferencing application that makes video meetings easier and faster for the end-users.

Although the application had its highest demands during the COVID-19 lockdown, businesses and education sector are still using the app for online communication purposes. Now that, online meetings are a part of daily use and are not expected to become useless anytime soon, Google is inclined to introduce new updates to the software.

Recently, the company added some new updates to the Google Meet, which grants the first moderator the ability to select a co-host ahead of the start of the meeting, for the sake of avoiding mishaps and saving meeting time. The moderator is also allowed to create breakout rooms beforehand through the Google Calendar, this will permit them to split the total participants of the meeting, further into minor groups during the meeting.

With the help of the new updates, video conferences on Google meet are likely to run more smoothly, as now the host can enable or disable security settings before starting a meeting. For example, turn on/off the option of “let everyone send message”and let everyone present in the meeting or not. Moreover, the host has the ability to select a co-host ahead of starting a meeting which also avoids any mishaps expected during the meeting.

For more information about host management settings and safety settings management of Google Meet, Admins can refer to the Google help center.

When arranging a new video call on the Google Calendar, organizers can now change host and co-host control settings by clicking on the “Add Google Meet video conferencing” where they will find “Video call options” (settings icon), by pressing on that icon they’ll find the “host controls or co-hosts”, where they can make changes in host settings and can select other moderators before starting the meeting.

The new feature will be introduced this month and will be completely available and accessible through all devices within 15 days, as it is set to be rolled out in various phases.

This video conferencing application developed by Google is seen to be going through different updates very often.

Lately, Google rolled out a new setting panel feature on theMeet, which makes it easier for its operators to rapidly use effects including blurring of background, styles, and pictures in the background, even when they’re in between a video call.

Furthermore, Google has also added the “exit empty meeting prompt” to save the person in the meeting from any awkward moments. This feature provides a note to the person to exit the video call when there is no one else present in the meeting and they are the only ones waiting.

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