Google Refuses To Participate In This Year’s April Fools Day Marking A ‘3 Consecutive Year’ Tradition, Survey Shows Users Miss It

April Fools Day has recently passed and while the world was busy tricking so many, Google opted to steer clear of the norm and stand well away.

The tech giant stayed true to its three-year-long tradition of watching from a distance, despite being a major player in the past.

In case you may have forgotten, Google participated every year, ever since its creation. But things took a unique turn in 2000, as the pandemic struck the world.

And that’s when the search engine giant revealed how it would no longer be crafting out any jokes or fun schemes that promoted the occasion, despite leading the pack in the past.

This was a huge step as previously, the tradition had enveloped the entire organization where a series of multiple divisions each offered a joke of their own to delight viewers across the board.

Now, however, many are speaking about why Google opted to not participate again, signaling to the world that they’ve left their shenanigans out for good.

A leading question on so many experts’ minds is whether or not that is a positive approach and what impact it could have.

Remember, Google was behind some fun and crafty jokes in the past that paved the way for April Fools Day. For instance, the good old Pac-Maps endeavor where locations for Google maps were soon converted into a fun Pac-Mac session.

With the fun does come some serious business. And that’s when so many of us witnessed the platform launching breakthrough products on this symbolic date. Do you remember how Gmail came into being in 2005, just 60 seconds away from April 1st?

But with the good does come the bad. The leading tech company has also faced its fair share of criticism across the board in terms of jokes being released.

A common example is the ‘mic drop’ in its Gmail that incorporated a Minion GIF to every email sent out. It’s safe to say that didn’t go down too well as many felt it was not only children but a clear waste of time as well.

Our friends at 9to5Google created a poll to see what different users think about Google’s clear exclusion from April Fools Day and whether or not they may be missing out on all the fun that surrounded the past. Surprisingly, a majority of over 85 percent respondents polled that they miss Google's April Fools jokes.

Who knows, there just might be a day when Google hears users’ pleas and opts to come back with their hilarious sense of humor.

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