Google Address Issues Pertaining To Misinformation Spread By Introducing New Tools

What better way to address International Fact-Checking Day than actually making the effort to curb the spread of misinformation?

Well, that’s probably one of the main reasons why Google is now equipping its arsenal with tools that do a great job at tackling this issue.

The leading search engine provided the world with an extensive overview pertaining to its efforts that would detect any misinformation online with ease. Similarly, it hopes these tools are also able to do a great job at limiting the reach for all false reports that are combined with different fact-checking entities.

But what exactly will the new tools do and how can the world benefit?

Google says it has worked hard at ramping up its efforts that address this issue. Moreover, it hopes that using search upgrades compounded with alerts would help so many people outline all those sources through which they’re directly interacting to get updates.

For this, Google says it’s introducing new tools to address the cause. For instance, a new notice updates users about the latest stories that will alert them regarding facts that still need to be confirmed and clarified. This way, users will be better equipped at handling stories.

While the tool may seem to be small in design, that’s definitely not the case. We all need a moment sometimes to take a break and see where the clarity regarding a new story stands, instead of directly promoting a false narrative.

This is also being looked upon by Google as a great initiative to enhance digital literacy by outlining any possible dangers relating to believing everything you see online.

In addition to this, Google will soon be incorporating the ‘Highly Cited’ tool that assists users in finding great information sources that have been used for a certain news story.

Users will soon find the new label on the Top Stories section. This is where all of their articles, press releases, and even any interviews seen will soon be considered eligible for the new category.
Lastly, Google hopes to bring a new approach to original reporting standards. This will make it so much easier for a number of users to not only explore but also interact with publishers involved in the original stories.

Google says the highly anticipated label will soon be available in the US. However, it hopes to make the tool available for different regions following the US launch, perhaps in the next few weeks.

While these upgrades may be great, Google also encourages its users to get more familiar with tools like Fact Check Explorer. This allows them to check for topics that they may find questionable while having 150,000 cross-references for better accuracy and more information.

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