TikTok Helps Users Stay Safe Online With Its Latest Series Of Digital ‘Cyber Smart’ Tips During Tax Season

Tax season is upon us all and that’s why TikTok is coming through with its series of helpful tips that will assist users in staying safe online.

The brand new collection comes under the title, “Be Cyber Smart” and it looks interesting, to say the least.

According to the latest reports, the app has ventured into a number of partnerships with leading lawyers, anti-fraud workers, and accountants with one simple aim in mind. And that is using their assistance to help promote a wide array of tricks and tips that assist users in avoiding their online scams.

The company’s latest report highlighted how a $10 billion loss was identified by the IRS which pertained to both financial fraud and tax-related crimes. For this reason, this time around, they’re gearing up to tackle cyber criminals that are known to make the most of this period.

Evidence proves how these malicious attempts are made with the help of different approaches that range from a landline or even connected devices that serve to make users unknowingly hand out their sensitive data.

Along with its new initiative of tips, TikTok has also advised so many users to follow the below-mentioned guidelines for a safer online experience:

Be aware of who you share data with

In case you didn’t know, phishing is the most popular method used to steal users’ data. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to be aware of those you plan on sharing sensitive details with. Be aware of scams relating to online payments, prepaid cards, cryptocurrency, and more. And in case you’re bombarded with suspicious attachments and links, remember to avoid opening them up.

Keep your browsing in check

There are an array of fake sites across the web. Hence, TikTok advises safe browsing and only using trusted eCommerce websites while making a purchase.

2-Step verification is the way to go

The fact that we all share so much personal information online is clear proof of how unsafe our online usage has become. This is why the app recommends securing your Wi-Fi and enabling the classic 2-Step Verification in case you still haven’t. Don’t forget that public Wi-Fi should never be used, especially when you’re in a mall, plane, airport, or transit.

Secure backup plans are always a good option

Always keep a secure backup plan on your smartphone or computer. This can be in the form of a hard drive or perhaps a cloud service. This will be used to copy all your important information such as images and files.

Validate your identity with the help of a PIN

There’s no better way to be protected online than through the help of a PIN. Tiktok says this is great in terms of letting users confirm their identity whenever possible.

You can find all of these tips in the app’s #BeCyberSmart feature, which it plans on launching via TikTok by next month. To add a unique and fun approach, the video app has also put forward a Bingo card so users can put their digital security skills to the test.

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