Google will soon be implementing safety measures regarding AirTag trackers on Android

Android has followed Apple’s lead in developing security and privacy measures for users using the AirTags features.

AirTag is a great product that essentially works as a tracker for your items. It’s used for tracking down forgotten keys and other important items. You can track its location with your phone very easily and it comes with even more benefits. It was developed by Apple in spring last year and quickly became a popular product among Apple’s consumers.

But as good a feature it is for tracking down your misplaced stuff, the AirTag could be a potentially harmful product if it comes into the hands of a stalker. Apple has implemented various safety nets and methods to protect iOS users from this device. Although Apple has done a fairly decent job on iOS, Apple’s AirTag devices can also be tracked down with an Android phone. This is a big concern for Android users as they have to constantly check the Tracker Detect app by Apple to stay alert about their items and AirTag device.

In response to these concerns, Google has started working on a way to prevent the misuse of AirTags and tracking devices like it. Google Play version 22.12.13 has been updated with alerts regarding the unwanted tracking containing codes related to “Unfamiliar device alerts” and “Unfamiliar Tag Detected Notification.” They also list related statements about Tile Tag and ATag (most likely referring to AirTags) along with another tracking device named “Finder Tag”.

Google may make it possible for users to open these tags by hand in the Android settings “Safety and Emergency” menu. Although, the news we got about all those codes are speculations which are highly likely to be true. If these are all true, we can say that Apple’s calls have pretty much been answered by Google.

Apple has warned the users multiple times of dangers of AirTag trackers and are still in pursuit of making automated tracker detection possible as fast as they can. They’ve made it so that you get a notification whenever another AirTag is spotted nearby, but it will take careful planning for this feature to be safe for all users. Although, these measures would require both tech giants, Google and Apple to work together for the safety of all customers.

H/T: 9to5G.

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