Facebook’s Ranking For App Downloads Drops To New Record Low

When it comes to downloads from the App Store, there are a number of leading applications whose popularity is unmatched by all others.

And one such name happens to be Facebook. Yes, you may have noticed that no matter how much time has evolved, the app continues to top the download charts as if it was glued to it.

Statistics from the past have shown how the app continues to reach the top 10, somehow or the other. These facts and figures aren’t only related to the US but other nations as well. And that just makes you wonder what it is that makes it behave in this way but wait, things might finally be changing.

However, as per AF, it was shocking to note how Facebook actually failed to feature in the top 10, top 20, and even top 30 lists. Yes, it sounds a little unbelievable but that’s the reality and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the news has many surprised at the sudden nosedive.

While some felt the Top App Lists were broken, others were in denial because we haven’t seen something like this happen in a really long time.

One app tracking for hourly categories revealed how the matter began to unfold first in the US last week on Tuesday. At that time, Facebook was ranked as being number 4 in the App Store. Remember, this ranking was based on both apps as well as games.

On Wednesday, as per data, Facebook falling further to position number 9 and by Thursday, it left the list, quietly falling to the 14th position. And while that was a huge shocker for plenty, more bad news for the app was yet to come.

After looking at the statistics from this Thursday, the ranking for Facebook has fallen so much that its new position sits at number 41!

So, we’re sure plenty of our readers are wondering what that really means, in terms of downloads. Well, if it has to do with the app falling due to a decrease in demand and not actually an alteration in the App store’s ranking functionality, this could mean big things.

Estimates have gone about proving how the drop at the start lost nearly 60% of Facebook’s daily downloads worldwide from the App Store. To be more specific, this means that sort of drop was related to a loss of 200,000 downloads in a single day.

Now, that does not appear to be the real matter on Google Play. And that means it could potentially be related to the App Store. So, let’s see whether or not that manages to rebound.

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