New Report Proves Malware Is The Top Cause Of Security Attacks Worldwide

Malware is leading the pack when it comes to top cyber security concerns around the globe, as mentioned in a new threat report released by Thalesgroup.

The study revealed how 56% of top organizations were involved and enlisted in the Data Threat Report.

Interestingly, around 79% of the people studied had worries surrounding security risks in the workforce while the others spoke about a striking rise in such attacks that took place in the previous year. And in case that wasn’t enough, so many others spoke about how they feared that their data was at risk in their own organization.

But who are the actual villains in this threat was a common question asked by so many. Well, the report spoke about how the greatest threat arises from the different Nation-States. Experts even went as far as calling it a Rank 1 threat.

The study also shed light on how 52% of companies’ security was breached this year, as compared to 56% last year. Out of those involved, 21% were involved in ransomware. Thankfully, statistics revealed there was a slight improvement from the previous year.

Additionally, 40% of people spoke about how they avoided the breach signaling process since all leaked information was tokenized.

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