Apple versus Epic Games its verdict and its after effects. Everything you need to know

Is the 30 percent commission on all apps and in app purchases by Apple’s app store justified?

Epic games vs. Apple is a legal proceeding put forward by Epic games in opposition to Apple in the “United States District Court for Northern District of California" in August 2020. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founder of the Epic games, Timothy Dean Sweeney, has put an allegation on the Apple’s app store stating that the tech giant has put regulations on apps from having different in-app purchasing strategies outside of the one provided by the App Store. When Epic introduced its own payment system for Fortnite back in August 2020, breaking the App Store rules. The app became unplayable for the iOS users due to the termination of Fortnite and other Epic developer’s account from the Apple’s app store because of the reason that the Epic developers defied the rules of Apple’s app store. Not only this, but previously, Tim Sweeney has also pressed charges on Apple due to the reason that Apple takes possession of 30 percent commission on each purchase made on apps or in app purchases.

Due to this reason, several big developers who are not in favor of Apple's app store regulations have cooperatively formed a “Coalition for App fairness”. The plan of this coalition is to mutually battle against Apple. The founding members of this coalition are Tile, SkyDemon, Spotify, ProtonMail, News Media Europe, Match, Prepare, Epic Games, European Publishers Council, Deezer, Blix, Blockchain, Basecamp. This organization is calling developers to join them to fight against three major issues, i.e. Apple’s 30 percent revenue cut, no other substitute of app source for the users and the anti competitive policy.

Despite of these allegations, last year in an interview with “CNBC’s TechCheck Today” the CEO of Snapchat, Evan Thomas Spiegel claimed that the authorities of Snapchat, (unlike Facebook, Epic, Spotify and the “Coalition for App Fairness”) is happy to pay 30 percent commission on app and in app purchases. Moreover the app owner claims that Apple provides its users with more privacy security and also that Snapchat would not exist without Apple. As per the report by Reuters, Roblox has legally filed this Thursday stating that the Apple App store strengthens the safety as well as security for its users.

The legal hearings regarding the antitrust case against Apple’s app store are expected in the upcoming year.

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